What happens if you kill Mew?

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User Info: kleech131

8 years ago#1
I restarted fro my save point but just wondering for future reference.. I have no sleep/stun guys and everyone is level 20... @_@

User Info: AxisBAL

8 years ago#2
Shigeru Miyamoto climbs out of your gameboy and kicks you in the nuts.
So it goes

User Info: Akagara

8 years ago#3
When I killed him he never came back. i ould go back up the bridge in Cerulean, my menu would pop up, I'd press B and nothing would happen.
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User Info: Rossmacdaddy

8 years ago#4
He faints and you have to reset. He'll only reappear if you reset at repeat the glitch.
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User Info: Cortez_vontero2

8 years ago#5
but there is other trainers who give mew. i mean lately i got 2 out of the three i saw and i haven't even got my six badge yet
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User Info: cow1357

8 years ago#6
you can get infinite mews. Just do the long-range trainer thing, battle a trainer OR if you run out of trainers just change box at the PC and turn it off/on, then find a ditto, make it transform inot your pokemon with 21 special and you get a mew!

User Info: KomodoTheNinja

8 years ago#7
It's ghost haunts your cartridge for the rest of eternity.
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