bleh im confused about link cables

#1huapangoPosted 4/8/2008 7:43:09 AM
I have a GBA and an SP and tried linking them to trade between blue and red but only one side works depending on which side I put the cable in. I read in an earlier link topic about other people with this problem but it was confusing. Is there a way in which I can trade between my GBA and SP using a different cable or do I need another GBA or somthing. Thanks in advance.
#2huapango(Topic Creator)Posted 4/8/2008 8:08:25 AM
P.S. read another topic on this. Would a gameboy color cable allow me to trade between my GBA and SP? If so I'll just try to find a color cable. Thanks again and sorry to all the veterans who have seen this topic far too many times, just dont wanna waste my money on a cable I cant use in the end.
#3PIKA740Posted 4/8/2008 10:17:43 AM
Use a GBC cable.
I'm just a copy cat, aren't I?
#4huapango(Topic Creator)Posted 4/8/2008 11:21:22 AM
Thanks pika, owe ya one =)
#5iamwhoiamoramiPosted 4/9/2008 4:17:06 PM
I know from experience this will work with a GBC cable. I've even traded from a GBA SP to the original grey gameboy using a third party multicable.