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User Info: cow1357

8 years ago#1
in a link battle, if my pokemon does >1000 damage does it do the damage minus the thousand digit? (like if it did 1234 then it would do 234)?

Cuz i'm woried that a level 200+ pokemon hitting a W4 while using a VHPSA that is boosted by STAB mught do that much...

and just making sure, a level 200 pokemon would work fine in a link battle, right?

User Info: KomodoTheNinja

8 years ago#2
Pokemon can deal well over 20,000 damage under certain circumstances.
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User Info: cow1357

8 years ago#3
i guess that means they still do the proper damage, thanks. I was just worried cuz a random lvl 134 golduck or something did like 6 damage to me (lvl 50 or something) with something

User Info: weresdfd

8 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: cow1357

8 years ago#5
so if a lvl 235 pokemon gets a critical hit, it does the same damage a non-critical hit from a lvl 215 would do?

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