Which 6 Pokemon should I use for my main team?

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User Info: darthsith19

8 years ago#1

I can only carry 6 Pokemon at a time, however, I have several pokemon with fairly high levels (I don't use cheats tor aise there levels more quickly, so).

Here are my top Pokemon, I will put their levels, stats, and moves, and whatever else you want to know just ask. Again, these are my strongest ones (I have beaten the game) but I have lots more if there are others that you wonder if I have that are better than these, just ask. Here they are:

1. Rhydon, level 53. Attack 157, Defense 141, Speed 55, Special 71. Moves: Stomp, Tail Whip, Fury Attack, Horn Drill.

2. Graveler, level 60. Attack 155, Defense 163, Speed 71, Special 69. Moves: Earthquake, Take Down, Explosion, Rock Throw

3. Victreebel level 59. Attack 164, Defense 103, Speed 120, Special 150. Moves: Solarbeam, Razor Leaf, Mega Drain, Cut

4. Matrowak, level 53. Attack 103, Defense 136, Speed 67, Special 64. Moves: Leer, Focus Energy, Thrash, Boomerang

5. Charizard, level 57. Attack 134, Defense 116, Speed 144, Special 130. Moves: Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Fire Spin, Slash

6. Moltres, level 50. Attack 120, Defense 103, Speed 98, Special 139. Moves: Peck, Fire Spin

7. Ditto, level 60. Attack 77, Defense 83, Speed 72, Special 66. Moves: Transform

8. Mewtwo, level 77. Attack 202, Defense 170, Speed 225, Special 272. Moves: Swift, Psychic, Mist, Recover

9. Chansey, level 64. Attack 15, Defense 26, Speed 92, Special 162. Moves: Minimize, Sofboiled, Light Screen, Double-Edge

se 126, 10. Gyarados, level 57. Attack 182, Defense 126, Speed 126, Special 153. Moves: Bubblbeam, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Surf

11. Kadabra, level 56. Attack 60, defense 44, Speed 134, Special 148. Moves: Psybeam, Recover, Psychic, Reflect

12. Articuno, level 66. Attack 142, Defense 163, Speed 150, Special 191. Moves: Mist, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Swift

13. Raichu, level 70. Attack 177, defense 128, Speed 175, Special 170. Moves: thundershock, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Swift

14. Zapados, level 60. Attack 124, Defense 134, Speed 140, Special 176. Moves: Thundershock, Thunder, Light Sreen, Drill Peck

Which 6 would make the best team? I need to train for a battles with friends, thanks to anybody who helps. :)

User Info: pokedude7

8 years ago#2
My recommendations:

Rhydon :Body Slam, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Horn Drill

Victreebel: Razor Leaf, Body Slam, Swords Dance, Mega Drain

Charizard: Slash, Flamethrower, Swords Dance, Earthquake

Kadabra: Psychic, Recover, Thunderwave, Seismic Toss

Chansey: Softboiled, Psychic, Ice Beam, ThunderBolt

Zapdos: ThunderBolt, Thunderwave, Reflect, Drill Peck

If you can't use Legendaries, then use:

Raichu: ThunderBolt, Thunderwave, Reflect, Surf/Body Slam/Submission

User Info: Rossmacdaddy

8 years ago#3
Charizard: Slash, Flamethrower, Swords Dance, Earthquake

Slash doesn't work with Swords Dance. Zard usually runs Body Slam/Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Swords Dance, Flamethrower/Fire Blast.
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