Emulator Question?

#1Rrod9136Posted 7/23/2012 12:29:22 PM
So wanted to replay this game and downloaded an emulator to do so. the one i got is called BGB. Well while I'm enjoying the game I really have been playing for fun and was wanting to cheat. So my question is if anyone knew how to use cheats with this BGB emulator? and if not, if anyone knew an emulator that makes using cheats simple. basically the only cheat I want to use is a leveling up one or one that gets me infinite rare candies so i can play it and enjoy it but just cut out the grinding when i dont want to do it. a way to use cheats on the bgb would be preferable so i dont have to start my game over but is not that big of a deal. thank you
#2gjdsjPosted 7/23/2012 11:59:12 PM
I'm pretty sure BGB comes with a file called bgb.html which has instructions on how to use cheats. Also, regular saves are compatible between between BGB and VBA, though not save states.