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Countering Mewtwo?

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3 years ago#1
What are the most successful strategies for countering Mewtwo on RBY?

The only two strategies I've heard are Slowbro running Amnesia and Thunderwave, and a Parasect using Spore/Substitute/Swords Dance/Leech Life. How likely are these strategies work, and are there any more suggestions for pokemon able to do the job?
3 years ago#2
Parasect can't kill Mewtwo if something else is already asleep. Even if Parasect is in the position to put Mewtwo to sleep, it's important to keep in mind that Mewtwo has a crit rate of about 25%, which means that Parasect might get OHKOd before it even has a chance to do anything. That moveset is a gimmick anyway, as only an idiot would keep Mewtwo in.

Light Screen Chansey is probably the best counter if Mewtwo doesn't have Psychic and Chansey is paralyzed (can't get frozen). Slowbro, on the other hand, needs miraculous luck to PP waste Mewtwo if it has T-Bolt. Most Mewtwos without T-Bolt have Ice Beam, so Mewtwo can freeze Slowbro if it has to. This isn't guaranteed, but the odds of scoring a freeze within 16 turns are rather high.
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3 years ago#3
Your own mewtwo would probably do best. They can learn a huge number of TM moves, and it makes the Psychic move all but useless against you.
3 years ago#4
A mew with Surf
3 years ago#5
Light Screen Chansey obv

And last-minute solutions like Mew's Explosion / Snorlax's Selfdestruct
3 years ago#6
i soloed mewtwo in r-2 of stadium with a chansey.... what format are you talking here? vs a human opponent? chansey is generally the best at soaking up any special attack he has, snorlax is great too, especially if you give it amnesia for the express purpose of not dieing to special hits...
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