Pokemon: Men and Monsters | Part 1: The Battle in the North

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2 years ago#1

1. Damion "Ghastly" / Male / Assassin / DamionDL
2. Lewis Stieber / Male / Artillery / Quick-Man
3. Roxic Sr. / Male / Assassin / Pikachu942
4. Brian Rogun / Male / Archer / the_key_24
5. Quinton / Male / Recon / NintendoIsBeast
6. Garfield May / Male / Archer / Harvest_Ty
7. Seth Blaise / Male / Heavy Infantry / DamionDL
8. Jackson Ekul / Male / Cavalry / Rasumii

1. Sebastian / Male / Greninja / Stealth / I_am_new_here
2. Utah / Male / Charizard / Infantry / UtahCharizard
3. Shadow / Male / Tyranitar / Infantry / TheShadowMan683
4. Syker / Male / Greninja / Stealth / the_key_24
5. Reginald / Male / Magikarp / Naval / Leaisaxel
6. Dynamo / Male / Hitmonchan / Infantry / Quick-Man
7. Leaf Ginson / Male / Servine / Medical / Harvest-Ty
8. Anubis / Male / Lucario / Stealth / GeneralPengu
9. Mysterio / Male / Alakazam / Medical / GeneralPengu
10. Champ / Male / Machamp / Medical / Zaknefain

Alright soldiers, please take a look at the map.


Direct your attention to the large landmass to the north of the continent. This land is known only as "The North". The northern half of this landmass is a dense forest that is constantly buffeted by a raging blizzard, so intense that even Ice type Pokemon have trouble weathering it. As such, it remains largely unexplored.

The southern portion is a bit more hospitable however. While still covered in forest, the trees are much less dense. Also, it only snows sometimes in this area, leaving it more open to exploration.

It is also, as indicated by the purple, a warzone. In case you forgot, orange represents the human Ansgar Empire, green is the Holy Kingdom of Arceus, and purple is warzone, meaning it is an area where battles often take place.

In any case, the humans have recently taken control of the warzone in the North, having driven the Pokemon completely off of the landmass. The Pokemon soldiers are currently regrouping in Fort Blacksnow, located on Blacksnow Isle, which is the small island to the right of the North. The Pokemon fear that if the humans are allowed to remain on control of the North, they will eventually lay seize to Blacksnow Isle. If Blacksnow falls, it would be a perfect vantage point for the humans to launch attacks on the Holy Kingdom's mainland.

~Human Players~

Humans, you are currently stationed in Fort Frostport, one of the 3 forts located on Icefang Isle (the large island to the bottom left of the North). Predicting a counterattack by the Pokemon, you are preparing to be deployed to the North to reinforce the human soldiers already there. Assassin Team 2-3, Recon Team 8-1, Artillery Team 1-4, Heavy Infantry Team 3-1, Archer Team 9-2, and Cavalry Team 4-5 are preparing to be deployed from the fort to the North.

~Pokemon Players~

Pokemon, you are getting ready to deploy back to the North, in an effort to retake the ground you lost. Among the teams deploying are Stealth Team 3-5, Infantry Team 10-2, and Medical Team 6-1. You will be transported by Naval Team 7-3. For now, you will be waiting in Fort Blacksnow until your departure.
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2 years ago#2
~All Players~
We are currently in the Pre Battle phase! Use this time to commingle, interact with other players, explore the forts you are in, and practice your role playing. You will be deployed tomorrow, whereupon the battle will start!

Now seems to be a good time to explain a bit about teams. Each branch is divided into 30 man units, and each unit is further divided into 6 man teams. For example, Artillery Team 1-4 is the 4th team in the 1st artillery unit. Make sense?

For the sake of ease, you all are on teams with one another. In any case, have fun getting to know each other before the battle!
Who's your favorite robot? Never mind, it doesn't matter because Quick Man is better.
2 years ago#3
~Garfield-Blacksnow Isle~
A man sits alone in a cell, a gloomy aura about him. It had been so long since the war began, at least he thought it had been a long time ago, the graying man had little in ways to tell the passage of time. The cell gave no indication of light, and was dark, musty, and cold. For bedding he had only straw, like an animal, it was unbelievable that mons had progressed so far, yet still slept in straw, or at the very least, left prisoners to sleep on it.
Regardless though, he was tired, but restless as well, always contemplating whether he could make an escape. Of course he knew it was only a blind wish. He still longed for it ,though.

~Leaf-Blacksnow Isle~
The Servine sat alone at one of the tables in an area most similar to a cafeteria, having just gotten a meal. Leaf was starving from work as there were always injured Pokémon, and healing took so much from him. As a grass type he had reversed engineered the move Leach Seed as to heal targets with the user's own vitality-a reversed process if you would. But this always took his own strength and left him exhausted and hungry later. Many times his comrades advised him to be more sparing with this process, but he was unable to quell his sympathy for the wounded and went along with it anyway.
The grass snake slowly coiled as he wrapped the simple blanket he had received around himself. The weather in the Blacksnow Isle was harsh and cold, even more so for a grass type, but he could withstand it-he had been through worse. He ate the meal he had received, at a slower, more cautious pace; the cold had always made him feel sluggish, but the food was good, and it gave him energy that kept him warm as it sat in his stomach.
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2 years ago#4

The grumbling Lucario had been resting, face first, with his head resting on his arm, on a table. He had recently been attacked by a very angry human, and now he had some nasty bruises. He had refused food, and does not want to be bothered.


The Alakazam had been sitting across from Anubis, enjoying a bowl of soup. An unfortunate life was lost in the most recent scuffle, but Mysterio was happy with what he accomplished. Still a bit on edge due to the hellish environment the troops had to deal with. Mysterio levitates a couple beads near him.
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2 years ago#5

Utah had sat down at a random table and began to scarf down his food. He hated the north, it was too cold and he didn't enjoy Combat much. Utah longed to return home and to see his family. The war hadn't had much affect on him physically, but he was hurting emotionally. Nevertheless, he knew he had to show strength, so he just kept quite and continued to eat.
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2 years ago#6

Making his way through the bunker, he was examining the faces of the new recruits. As an older man, the people viewed him as sort of a leader. With his white hair and blind eye, people knew he meant business. He fought in the Battle of Lickerfort, where he and his men were outnumbered but still won due to brilliant war tactics. He was built, but not incredibly built. Everyone knew he is was a stronger man. His wife died of an unknown illness, and she bore no children. He has a picture of her in his locket that he occasionally grasps tightly.

He reached the end of the hall where the horses were stationed. He went up to his valiant mare Ellie and stroked her gently. They've been together for about 17 years now, through thick and thin. He heard the bell that sounded for lunch and went off into the cafeteria. Steak and mashed potatoes, always a great lunch. He sat alone, as he didn't have many friends he liked. At least, none of them have arrived yet.
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2 years ago#7
Brian - Fort Frostport

Brian woke up that day feeling groggy from last night's planning on where to attack the Pokemon troops. He got out of bed and went to the mess hall to find some of the new archers already eating. He sat down and had some bread and milk, 'Definitely don't want to eat too little or too much, about half a loaf and a glass should do.' While this may seem like an odd choice to most new recruits, Brian knew from experience that too little and there's no strength, too much and you feel stuffed and even less strength is used, plus, he didn't want to be the cause of any rationing.

Syker - Blacksnow Isle

"Oh Arceus, please give me strength when I go into battle." was what all the army said when they prayed for safety. "and may my training at the Assassins Guild help." For the assassins, they started their day early, trying to figure out which targets to kill while the battle went on. He decided on killing off the Prince of the humans to scare them a bit, luckily his dark skin helped him stay hidden in the shadows.
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2 years ago#8

Jackson went and sat near Brian, a person here that he actually enjoyed the company of.
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2 years ago#9
OOC: I've been thinking about turning this into a series of Google Docs when this is finished, is that alright with everybody?

Brian - Mess Hall - Fort Frostport

"Hey Jack." Brian said, "How are things going for you today?"
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2 years ago#10

"They're fine, just like any other day." Jackson said. "Just saw Ellie, truly a beaut. Love that horse to death. So, the plans that we went over yesterday seemed good. Should be an easy win for us, no?"
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