The best digimon on this game, AND the worst digimon

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8 years ago#1
Okay letīs have some good chat talking about the best ( and the worse) digimon you got in this game.

My best one was mega seadramon... i was amazed when i got him......

Man! My worst one was.... well... Mojyamon, Numemon,Sukamon,Vademon (lasted some 5 minutes because of devil chips) Nanimon, Meramon ( he did not haved MP suficient to do the skills!) And.....Seadramon...
8 years ago#2
Being totally truthful, as a newb who's only just starting to raise digimon half decent, mine would be:

Best: Centaurmon, Meramon, Tyranamon (the dinosaur one)

Worst: Nunemon and Sukamon, although these have been my 2 most common up to now.
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8 years ago#3
Well anyone tath gets a filthy digimon should have is worse 13 days(on game) of his life...
8 years ago#4
Even though my H-Kabuterimon was my most powerful, my favourite would always be Andromon, the digimon who I beat Mount Infinity and DG dimension with.

My worst would be Angemon - I was so chuffed when I got him, that I neglected training at all with him.
8 years ago#5
Well the best I had was my first Greymon and that was because of all the work that went into making sure Agumon digivolved to him. As for worst, I've never had one.
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8 years ago#6
My best Digimon was Megadramon, I beat the whole of Mt. Infinity with just one attack and recruited every Digimon that's available in my German Pal version without getting a specific Digimon with it

My worst was certainly Mojyamon, that thing was just annoying and useless
8 years ago#7
Tony, surely you are not the only one that guess that mojyamon is not good....
8 years ago#8
I already beated Back dimension two times with andromon... first dealing 1 damage, then with megaton punch...
8 years ago#9
Best: H-Kabuterimon, having about 6000+ HP-MP, 700+ ATK and DEF, and 600+ SPD and BRN

Worst: Numemon, and Sukamon. Their stats don't matter =P
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8 years ago#10
He he every digimon with high stats (less filthy) haves good potential...
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