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8 years ago#1

What is the average life span of a ultimate digimon ? Because my mamemon died on me in like 2 days NO digivoulution item but the champion was a digivuotion item (hair grower)

8 years ago#2
average? probably 19 days or so... mine usually live as long as 22.. longer if i use chain melons
8 years ago#3
ha, surely because of the dv item...
8 years ago#4
Ok thx now I have a metel mameon and he is 17... but hasn't fainted and I am about to finish Mt. Inifnity I want to get sats chips what is a good way I have 200000 bits
8 years ago#5
stat chips
8 years ago#6
theres a limited number of stat chips in the game... the only other way to get them is by giving cards to shogungekomon, (im not sure if theres any as tournament prizes, ill have to check that out). unfortunately, even with a large amount of cash, thats going to take a considerable amount of time.... especially if your using that unreliable card vending machine. each chip is like 500 points, and a H-kabuterimon card is like what? 100 points worth...
also when i said 19 days, I meant under best conditions without life extenders (DSB or chain melon)... mine go up to 22 days just on DSB, and longer with melons, just clarifying
8 years ago#7
I forgot to mention devil chips... but as we all know.. they're EVIL. (lowers lifespan upwards of a day per chip, with the possibility of tamer rank falling on use)
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