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7 years ago#1
now i know i may seem really sucky for asking this but how do i get to centuramon in the native forest and how am i supposed to tell if hes looking at me...
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7 years ago#2
By bringing lots of recovery items? :P
I'm not sure if there's a sure way to get him on the first run.
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7 years ago#3
He's always looking at you, as such, it's simply easier for him to lock onto you as you approach his doors, so the closer you are, the more likely you'll be shot.
Move diagonally, using the rocks as cover. Whenever you're shot, your digimon's health will be halved; go behind a rock and administer a healing item. Don't let your digimon's stamina be reduced to 1, since you'll have to restart.
When you can see the three doors, approach the one marked with an O.
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7 years ago#4
there is actually a pattern... go middle, left, right, right and you will end up at the right door. repeat this pattern until the right door is marked O and TADA!
7 years ago#5
It's random so just try, try and try.

Turn corners whenever you reach a turn. As long as you do that, he will NEVER shoot you. Even if you reach an "X" dead end. You'll restart from the bottom.

No need to waste recovery items IMO...even if the items on the ground are really attractive...
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7 years ago#6
what i meant was when you are at the screen, go up and turn left, then up again and turn right, up again and turn right, up and you will be at the right door. even if its an X, just go towards it and you will start over again until the right door is an O.

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