I love this game.

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User Info: Kargish

6 years ago#1
So i'm going to follow the trend of this board and reminsce (sp) of the days i spent on this game. I started it yesterday and remeber every single stratgey i had devised. My entire family played this game and there is no justice in the fact that thecompany has goen through finnancial troubles. Does anyone know what happened? I am still waiting for the day Hogs of War 2 is released, i know it will come. It's pure genius with some of the best voice acting ever. I love the russian team.

"Thank you for letting me fight in the war"
"I have no confidence in my abilities sir"

I remeber all of the littl quiqs te pis used to say. I despise the japanese though...makes me more motivated to cattleprod them into minefields. The super shotgun was utterly hilarious. Random gen map high land mass, top of a mountain... need i say more?
Hogs of War

User Info: gamedude2020

6 years ago#2

lol, im playing right now, one of the greatest british games. someone should make a list of all the quotes

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