The story of Street Fighter 3: good fighter with god awful AI

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6 years ago#1
Yup, the actual gameplay is good up until you fight the AI, then everything goes to hell. You can literally watch your computer opponent just sit there, doing nothing but waiting for you to attack because that is what all of the difficulty in their attacks revolve around: waiting for you to press a combination of buttons, reading what buttons you pressed and therefore knowing what you are going to do before your character has time to animate the action, and then counter before your move was even made. It's the only way that Capcom could bring difficulty into Street Fighter's AI and it's both disgusting and a complete and total turn off. If you want to know why Street Fighter 3 never sold well, this is it.

You see, without online, there is no reason to play a game that has AI that relies on cheap, cheating tactics in order to beat you. It's frustrating because you know how there is nothing can do to beat the AI, as they are simply programmed to have priority and advantages over you. You could play multiplayer but lets, be honest now, how many of your friends really want to sit down and play old Dreamcast games all night? Honestly, this is why the game sucks.
6 years ago#2
I spent like all afternoon playing this game with like 5 guys. And whenever some buds and I hang out we always play this for a good while.
I have atleast two friends who love SFIII just as much as I do and we never get tired of it
6 years ago#3
I guess that's the only way to play it, considering how the AI makes the game unplayable for single player.

I just don't get how you can design an AI that is so completely and undeniably god awful. Honestly, the computer AI in Street Fighter 3 is just as bad as, if not worse than the AI I saw in fighting games that were made a decade before 3'rd strike. It's like Capcom has always been stubborn about fixing the broken AI in all of their otherwise perfect fighting games. It's just such a massively important area to **** up in my opinion that I just find it absolutely unacceptable, which is why I have alway thought that Capcom well deserved the failure they received when it came to sales. It was a well needed wakeup call that let to Street Fighter 4 having actually acceptable AI. Modern gamers won't put up with that crap anymore, not when there are so many games out there that can be challenging without being cheap and frustrating. Maybe that's why the Japanese game industry is currently falling apart and failing.
6 years ago#4
You, a human being, can't understand and overcome a computer that has the same process of understanding over and over again? It's simple, get better and try to understand your opponent.
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