Trouble installing Bloodmoon and Tribunal

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7 years ago#1
Whenever I try to install one of the two, it tells me that Morrowind has to be installed, even though it already is. I've tried reinstalling Morrowind, but it didn't help.

Can anyone help?
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7 years ago#2
Did you uninstall before you reinstalled?
7 years ago#3
I just tried, but when I click on uninstall it says, "The Morrowind Launcher could not find the uninstall program."
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7 years ago#4
Try going into My Computer and see if you have some components left in there. You may have some stuff you need to remove before you can reinstall.
7 years ago#5
You could try removing Morrowind from the registry, to see if it will let you reinstall after doing so.

This information applies to Windows XP. Please read all of this before you try any of it. I apologize if this might be a little messy? I am not good at explaining things, sometimes. Or thinking things through from start to finish in a straight line.

I wonder if it might be possible to just remove the uninstall registry key, and leave the rest, and then reinstall.

To do so, go to Start > Run > regedit

In regedit, go to.. I believe the Morrowind key ("keys" are displayed like a folder) for uninstallation is
Double check that it's actually the Morrowind uninstall key before you delete it. Make a backup of it (Export), just in case?

To Export it, right click on the key (the {C325F588-etc.) and choose Export, type in a filename of your choosing, and save the reg file somewhere.
Be very careful that you don't delete the wrong keys. I don't remember if regedit will ask to confirm, or if it will just immediately delete something when you tell it to. Right click on the key {C325F588-D6B1-4A7F-B6A2-914C75DDA348} and delete it.

After doing that, you just might be able to reinstall Morrowind. I don't know. Deleting or renaming your Morrowind directory first would be a good idea.
It might be best to delete the other Morrowind registry keys, too, before trying to reinstall. Or to rename them.

The other keys are under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Bethesda Softworks\
You might want to make a backup of the Morrowind key, or possibly the Bethesda Softworks key and all of its sub-keys, info, and whatnot.
Besides the "Morrowind" key, you may have to delete "TES3 Editor", possibly "TES Construction Set" as well, but I am unsure.
Or you could try to rename them. Right click one, Rename, change the name a bit, and repeat for the others.

After all of this, and renaming/deleting the Morrowind directory on your hard drive, you could try to reinstall the game.

If you need to re-add one of those .reg files you made, right click on it and choose "Merge", or perhaps double click on the reg file. (You can also view them in notepad or such to see what they actually contain.)
7 years ago#6
I realize you say you tried to reinstall already but I mean, maybe if you can start it all afresh, with no trace of Morrowind in the registry or on the hard drive (at least where it will be looking for it), I am thinking it might work.
7 years ago#7
For some reason Morrowind is not in my registry at all. {C325F588-D6B1-4A7F-B6A2-914C75DDA348} is not under uninstall, and the only things in the Bethesda Softworks folder are traces of Oblivion that I could never get rid of, yet Morrowind is in the Bethesda Softworks folder when I access it through Program Files.

One last thing I forgot to mention. When I was trying to uninstall the game, the InstallShield Wizard said it was trying to install Morrowind, not uninstall.

Well thanks anyway for the help.
7 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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