Very hard runs and notes

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2 years ago#1
Well that topic didn't last long! I'll be a bit more active here.

Tired a couple times as Cammy yesterday and learned some things.

The jungle master boss has 2 drones that spawn from the caves. They only spawn a total of 6 times, then you can focus on the boss.

Kabuki at the end of stage 8 can be put into a infinite loop sequence by doing A, A, Cannon spike, walk away as he swings. Then repeat.

Special shot, special attack is probably Cammys most damaging attack sequence for getting damage quick.

I hope to beat it with her soon.
2 years ago#2
Did it with Cammy!
2 years ago#3
Cannon Spike (DC) - Very Hard Arthur:

Cannon Spike (DC) - Very Hard Charile:
2 years ago#4
Nice to see someone is still playing this wonderful game. Capcom should really put it on PSN/XBLA/Wii U eShop or include it as a bonus with one of their crossover fighting games.
No More Heroes
2 years ago#5
Hey, good to see another fan of this game! we had a rotation of 4 playing this yesterday. Co-op is so hard due to the limited continues. The struggle continues though, I won't give up!

Unfortunately i broke my tripod though, so no more recorded runs for now :(
2 years ago#6
Yes, the limited continues are definitely more of a problem in coop then in single player.
I expected coop to be easier then single player, but with a less experienced partner it's the opposite.

Other DC games with great coop are Spawn, Zombie Revenge and Dynamite Cop (and of course most of the shmups).
No More Heroes
2 years ago#7
Never tried spawn, thanks for the recommendation! Having a blast with those other titles.
(message deleted)
2 years ago#9
^ couldn't edit the post so I deleted it to clean it up a bit. Was posted late and had some errors.

Tried a couple times with Shiba. He is fast and is melee is powerful. It might have a little invincibility even.

Special shot causes a lot of stun, especially effective in close groups of enemies.

His super has the least invincibility, but also the most time to move freely after calling it. It also homes in until it finds a target which is nice in case they all go to a weak enemy.
2 years ago#10
Cannon Spike (DC) - Very Hard Shiba:
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