UPA heroes return in amateur game

#1FaididiPosted 12/13/2012 12:14:31 AM
Hello to all interested fans of Project Eden. Here is a fun little bonus for you all. Carter and the rest of his UPA squad return in a free amateur PC game that can be downloaded at this site: (faididi.tripod.com/losthero/index.htm)

This is an old-style side-scrolling shooting game that can actually run on very old PCs. Those using 64-bit PCs need to use software like DOSBox and won't get any sound, but otherwise the game can still be played from beginning to end.

Please note that Carter and Andre will join the team after the second area (the cave) is cleared. You may switch among the playable heroes in the team at any time via the subscreen. (The controls can be customized on the Option Screen.) Enjoy!