So whats there to do after the main story?

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7 years ago#1
I have beat the game, I got the Anubis and I just made about 300 grand. Not sure what to do with it though. Besides the random jobs in bars is there anything to really get into?
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7 years ago#2
If you visit only the systems the story takes you through (i.e. during the idle parts you don't venture out of the system you're in) then the game only takes you to about 25 of the 45 systems. Plus, even the systems you do visit have a lot of hidden bases, wrecks and jump holes for you to find.

You don't have any objective as such but I found that finding everything I could was objective enough for me.
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7 years ago#3
What? I didn't know there were that many freaking systems. Hmmm, finding some of those may be incentive enough.
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7 years ago#4
Some of the systems are only accessable by jump holes, and could be tricky to find at first.

There's also tougher ships out there, such as the Sabre and the Titan (the 2 most powerful fighters in the game). You could even revisit Magellan to buy a Dromedary Freighter if you want.

Quite a lot of the wrecks have class 10 weapons, and in 2 systems, you can even fight Nomads to get the best class 10 weapons of all (once you reach a high enough pilot level) that have a high refire rate, and zero energy usage.
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7 years ago#5
If you switch your map to Universe Map mode you'll see that there's lots of empty space after the story and that lots of nearby systems aren't linked up. As a rule of thumb, if systems are close together on the Universe Map, you can generally find a jump hole that connects them. Don't quote me on this, but the figure I that comes to mind is 138 jump holes in total for you to find. You only get led through a tiny handful (about 20 or so) during the story.

There are reasonably easy ways to find jump holes in systems, if you're getting frustrated looking. The Patrol Paths function on your map shows areas where ships are likely to be found. If you follow one section of a path to the end, you'll either find a continuation of the path in another direction, or something worth patrolling to and from! Quite aside from feeling good when you add a new Hole to your map, they often provide a faster way to get where you want to go even when there exists a series of Gates for your planned route - just ask any Niobium/Diamond trader.
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7 years ago#6
Oh, I should mention that hunting for wrecks is a whole different kettle of fish. They're rarely found on recognised patrol routes (why did they end up wrecks?) but are well worth tracking down. The top-tier energy weapons in the game (except Nomads), as well as the most powerful mine dropper, are all (and only) found on wrecks around the Sirius sector. Good places to start are radioactive clouds and minefields - but make sure not to end up like they did!
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7 years ago#7
To be frank.. The game takes a nose dive after you finish the story mode.. Inless you use some mods, there is little incentive to explore.. The systems are interesting at first, but they get repetitive.. Not to mention the side missions boil down to 3 extremely boring varients that never change in the least.. This game had alot of potential on the open sand box area after the game, but clearly they cut it short and made it more of a great big tease of what it should have been.. If your looking for a open sandbox like game in space, you may want to look at X3 Terran Conflict.. It has the kind of sand box stuff you can do, that I could only wish Freespace could do.. Like controling/owning hundreds of ships, including piloting capital ships.. Starting a trade empire, committing entire wars on nations with a fleet of yoru own....
7 years ago#8
i explored for a while, visited all those systems, the nomad system was intersting.
then on to mods... which adds even more stuff.
6 years ago#9
Yeah.. I haven't played the game since I asked this question. I will still go on and see what is there to explore but I really wish they had more in depth missions or options after the end. I might have to check out that X3 game.
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6 years ago#10
i tried X3... but dont like it.. too much stuff and the interface is abit too troublesome, too many buttons for docking and all.
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