PS3 Controller with Project 64?

#1KeijiMutoNBTPosted 1/31/2009 2:27:26 AM
Is this possible? I have tried many things and it just hasn't worked. I heard some people have gotten it to work, but I have been unsuccessful.

Any help is appreciated.
#2dtmrPosted 2/3/2009 6:52:36 AM
I tried to use a PS3 controller for ZSNES, but when I plug the USB in, nothing. The PC told me that I did, indeed, have a pretty cool Sony Playstation controller plugged in, but it doesnt afraid of anything.
I think Dtmr is a pretty cool guy. Eh kicks children and doesnt afraid of anything.
#3RyanCEPosted 2/3/2009 2:30:40 PM