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8 years ago#1
Seeing how hard it is to find good texture mods for no mercy since the no mercy zone closed registration. i decided i would post the sites i know that have texture mods still available.

please do the same if you know any;

enjoy ; :)
8 years ago#2
8 years ago#3
wrestling gamers sanctuary also, although u have to register. but i get all my hacks and textures from that site
*-Pulls Down Pants-*
8 years ago#4
whats the url on that site??
8 years ago#5
bump, anyone got that url?
8 years ago#6
hey i found that site but its nearly impossible to join. everytime i try to register , it seems to fail, and then they ban my email address.... whats the deal there/ UNDERTAKERRIP can u get me the admins email ?? i tryed to email them using the contact admin but it doesnt have the email addy
8 years ago#7
there was nothing wrong when i registered. r u sure u went to the right place?
*-Pulls Down Pants-*
8 years ago#8

i clicked on register, then filled out an application.

and everytime i did it would say i entered the wrong confirmation code. then it would say to prevent spamming they have banned my email, lol..... so ive been through as many emails as i could create on hotmail for one day. and when i tryed to contact the admin the email address they gave me was 'WRESTLING GAMERS SANCTUARY' no .coms or anything, can ya help me out ?

its pretty frustrating lol
8 years ago#9
if you can give me the administrators email address that would be awesome. u can email it to me at if you dont mind
8 years ago#10
i managed to get a registration through but now they havent sent me the activation link in the email... whats wrong with this registration forum
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