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Warning: Speedway Egg Bug (Please Sticky) (Sticky)
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mozepy591/17 3:29AM
What are the things you really like about the original trilogy? (Archived)ShadowShire611/15 10:00PM
Is this game available on the PSN in the EU? (Archived)jimbob119229/12/2014
I really wish the people on this board in the past were more helpful (Archived)AsIfByMagic48/17/2014
Spooky Swamp Gem Glitch (Archived)Final_Prinny18/14/2014
What an excellent Trilogy (Archived)Weltall54845/26/2014
Just bought this game (Archived)videogames75_535/6/2014
Well I just finished the original trilogy 100% (Archived)LonelyGoomba43/3/2014
Minimum legitimate percentage is 56% (Archived)Buster85861/2/2014
Moneybags Demands Quite a Bit (Archived)thenichismith612/17/2013
Stupid question? Saving (Archived)broudl47/31/2013
The New Games (Archived)NINKOjIN45/10/2013
Does the version on psn have (Archived)Saiyan_Emperor33/31/2013
I just had a crazy idea: A Low Gem Run *spoilers* (Archived)
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Hardest and easiest egg for you? (Archived)RunetheKoopa83/25/2013
Spyro: Haiku topic v3 (Archived)
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When did you start playing Spyro and how old were you? (Archived)Formertechno3442/23/2013
Evening lake music playing against sorceress on vita? (Archived)Chairstood41/18/2013
Erm how long has it been on the EU PSN?! (Archived)Kindertotenwald212/27/2012
Save a Spyro Item! (Archived)
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