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5 years ago#1
This was, I think, the first online game I got super into. I remember my brother and I would play into the wee hours. Also, the Medium class alien was the ****, get me in that thing with that scorpion tail power-up and I'll do some damage, ha ha. My name on here was Spyder, although I wouldn't expect anyone to remember me, I just figured I'd throw it out there.

If only they could see the greatness and port/remake/sequel this bad boy. *sigh*

Anyway, yeah, just wanted to express my love for AFO.
'We piss anywhere, man.'
5 years ago#2
Yep, sure is a great game.

*forever alone*
'We piss anywhere, man.'
5 years ago#3
This game was fun for sure, people really abused the mic though. I remember some kid kept screaming and playing rap music. lol
The single player in this game was TOO hard, I never completed everything.
5 years ago#4
I think I may have finished, like, one level of single player before I said screw it.
'We piss anywhere, man.'
5 years ago#5
Never played it back in the day because it didn't come out in Europe.

Would it be worth it form single player?
No More Heroes
5 years ago#6
No way, the fun was online. And it probably doesn't hold up very well.
'We piss anywhere, man.'
5 years ago#7
Also, playing Alien was way cooler than playing human
'We piss anywhere, man.'
5 years ago#8
I always thought that Mech Assault on the original Xbox looked reminiscent of this. Anyone play that?
'We piss anywhere, man.'
5 years ago#9
No, I didn't think so. That FOGFOGFOG trick in this game was pretty neat, amirite?
'We piss anywhere, man.'
5 years ago#10
That was the one that made the battlefield all foggy, right? That was awesome, until half the games were called FOGFOGFOG, that is.
'We piss anywhere, man.'

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