Charisma and Max Followers

#1DrBob666Posted 7/31/2009 5:29:08 PM
How does Charisma relate to max followers, i have looked but i cannot find a table or something that shows how much Charisma allows for how many followers. I am wondering if i should even bother to increase Charisma, as it is 7 but i can only have 1 follower
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#2grand_commanderPosted 7/31/2009 6:34:06 PM
One follower for every four charisma, round down, minimum one. (1-7 CHA = 1, 8-11 = 2,12-15 = 3, 16-19 = 4, 20=5). The Expert feature for Persuasion gives you +1 max follower, so I usually end up with four followers from 12 CHA and 3 Persuade.

And Sogg, an excellent NPC in Shrouded Hills, won't join you unless you have at least 9 CHA.
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tyvm :)
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