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5 years ago#1
Can't believe it's been over 10 years since we worked together on this board to score platinum medals on all the levels. I remember running back and forth from the game to my computer, checking on other people's progress. The thrill of being the first on the board to score a platinum in a given level has rarely been matched in all the games I've played since.

I specifically remember being the first on the board to Platinum Hutt's Retreat, Glacial Grave, Andrevea River, and Panaka's Diversion.

The hardest one by far was the first level, Escape from Theed. I must have played that level 100 times, trying to improve each stat by just a little, without knowing which one was lacking (time/kills/accuracy). Someone else finally cracked it, and I had multiple runs that were off by only 1 second or 1 kill.

You don't find gaming quests like this much anymore, now that there's a full, detailed game guide ready to purchase with almost every game on the day it's released.

Good times.


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