*Pokes board*

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12 years ago#1
wow.... bum dee bum.... I'm really.... freaking.... bored....
Oh No!!! I poked my concience!!!
{Official Beta 2/Red 2- sumosquirrel43}
12 years ago#2
*Board pokes you back*
The Disgaea Social Hut. Created 7/1/04.
12 years ago#3
*pokes board with evil floating ball of death*
Oh No!!! I poked my concience!!!
12 years ago#4
*Pokes squirrel balls*
sublevel 10..... is that the one with about 100 water dumples, a gatling groink, a bunch of blowhogs, jellyfloats, and a wollywog?
12 years ago#5
*Pokes teh Sage*
Oh yeah? Well I hate winning!
*No reply* Ah-ha! I win! Wait.... that's bad so.... I lose! Take that!
12 years ago#6
*Pokes j00*
Chief Scout/Messenger of TGAFF7SB
12 years ago#7
*Sleeps on floor*
No, Bek rawks YOUR sawks.
12 years ago#8
*Sits on ceiling*
*Beats goats with bill89ca while being used to beat goats by GoldenGamer 07*
~Chaotic Rogue
12 years ago#9
*pokes j00r manboobs*
DYAMN!!! they're talking about keepin the town safe an im all like "boobsboobsboobsboobsboobsboobsboobsboobs" - ProfessorDollar 97
12 years ago#10
ooff, i just came from jzs secret base,, i bring welcome,,, and cheetos.

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