best "old" horror pc game...ever?

#1green_aboboPosted 2/13/2012 11:34:14 PM
while the technology's a little out dated, its got everything. creepy music, environments, weapons, magic, lore, monsters, a terrific and spooky story, etc.

the journal entries in the on CD game manual are well worth the read, and add some more background info that the actual game doesnt provide, outright.

imo; the only thing that the game's missing is a bestiary, a map, maybe an ots camera view, and some sort of accomplishment section that keeps track of your kills, etc.

the difficulty is pretty stocked too. medium is challenging enough for most gamers.

personally, i would love to see a reboot using todays tech, of course. theres alot they could do to make it even better.

i recommend it to anyone who like fps, especially scary ones.