Can I skip the intro tutoriel?

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User Info: The2BSortedBox

7 years ago#1
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User Info: Conan_Alchemist

7 years ago#2
Unfortunately you can only skip it if you make it to a certain point in the game. In other words, make it to Land 2, that way when you restart, you can skip the tutorial and just choose your creature. I don't know what point you have to reach to allow it though... I think after finishing the creature tutorial.
-Conan The Vegan

User Info: jjferrit

7 years ago#3
in order to skip the tutorial however you need to have patch 1.2 installed. after that you sit through the tutorial once and get to land 2 and any time you have a new game after that it should allow you to skip it.
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  3. Can I skip the intro tutoriel?

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