Various Claw Towers?

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User Info: KingPseudonym

8 years ago#1
They're infested with Necromancers, but I'm kinda leaning towards focusing my magic on Fire and Necromancy...

So I don't exactly want to piss off the Necromancers.

But... all the necros just try to kill me when I go to the various Claw Towers. (the two in the western side of the map, north of Quidinar).

So: can I just happily slaughter all of them and loot their corpses? Or will that make my favor with the Necros go down?

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User Info: smokey888999

8 years ago#2
Those Necromancers are going to attack you regardless of what you are.

Necromancy is frowned upon in Two worlds and is considered illegal, there are only 2 people that teach you the art of Necromancy.

There is no Necro clan so don't worry about it.

User Info: LMago

8 years ago#3
You can find Necro like Camp and they few quests for them, but Necromancers in Claw Towers always attack you
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