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9 years ago#1
yea waht happens to goremand?

do i get to fight him or not?

and why he said he will eat mine or julius soul?

is he the powerfullest of the game?
9 years ago#2
yea waht happens to goremand?

The game never says.

do i get to fight him or not?

Originally, you were supposed to. But the creators scrapped that part of the game for some reason. If Shdwr3alm(Or however you spell his name) still came to these boards, he could post the script for that section.

and why he said he will eat mine or julius soul?

He's saying that he's not on anyone's side. He'll eat whoever's soul he can get to, without caring whose soul it is. He only hangs around Julius because Julius kills people, so Goremand can follow him, plucking souls from the bodies Julius kills.

is he the powerfullest of the game?

There's no way to say for sure. Although the creators of this game did intend to make him weaker than the main characters. However, it appears as if he needs someone to be weakened or killed before he can eat their souls. If that is true, then he is one of the weakest enemies in the game. If he actually can steal the soul of a fully healthy person, though, then he'd be the strongest enemy. Like I said, there's no way to know for sure.
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9 years ago#3
This game had so much missing to it. I really wish they would have developed more on the Mavole situation and characters like Isabella and Goremand.

Gameplay wise too... I still have an article stating that I could link up two GBAs and play the game together.
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9 years ago#4
does that mean

that in the old version of this game (mystic quest, final fantasy adventure)

you get to fight goremand?

and anyway goremand has to be powerfull cuz he fought isabella when she transformed
and he didnt loose or either win

maybe a tie
9 years ago#5
Well, it's never stated that Isabella is any good at fighting. All you see is a 5 second cut scene in front of Granz Castle with the Hero, and he wasn't even fighting back.
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9 years ago#6
Goremand was not in FFA. In fact, the remake introduced several characters who were not in the original (Isabella, Goremand, Niccolo, Li'l Cactus, the Dudbears).

Unfortunately, for the most part, all of these characters were relatively underdeveloped.
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