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9 years ago#1
As we all know, Earthbound media, especially that pertaining to Mother 3, is very difficult to find. I've collected a fair amount, and am looking for more. I'm posting all I have here, and I ask that you do the same. Please post links and a description. Here is everything I have at the moment...
This is an incomplete fan made comic depicting the final battle betwen Lucas and Claus
A fan comic showing how many feel about Lucas' role in Super Smash Brothers Brawl
A .ZIP file containing all three sizes of all four official Mother 3 cell phone wallapapers. I also threw in my personal favorite item, the Pig-Mask ring tone (MP3 format) that Yokuba's phone plays in Chapter 7 of the game. You can send the ringtone to yuor phone for free using WWW.FUNFORMOBILE.COM
This is the entire Mother3i official website. Clicking one of the upper-right links launches a photo album of Lucas and his friends and family. It shows scenes like Kumatora at a Magypsy tea party, and Lydia finding the injured pig mask. It also reveals who the last Magypsy is in case you haven't found out yet. This is still on the web, but I wnated to burn it to a CD for safe-keeping in case they ever remove it.
A collection of little fan comics I came across. Nice to look at, I doubt they say anything significant.
Some cool oeakai fanart from a Japanese website. There was a lot of it, but these were the ones I thought to be the most interesting. This is where I found the Fuel pic for the crazy girl's topic.
Here we have a collection of Mother 3 art in the style of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. There are a few mock-up screenshots that show what Mother 3 may have been like had it been released on the Nintendo Gamecube.
Here is the printable CD insert for Mother3i
9 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
9 years ago#3
I'm pretty sure you shouldn't be linking to those albums on here :(
They're really good though.
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9 years ago#4
Mother 3+ was a limited edition, making it hard to find, and a lot of people can't use iTunes for various reasons. But as you said, these are good albums, and I think a lot of people would like to listen to them. I'll try to word this as polite as possible, but if you have a problem with downloading music, you may choose not to.

Official Mother 3 computer wallpapers for desktops

I'll put downloadable versions of the anime videos here soon.

C'mon, people! Share your goods!
9 years ago#5
That first wallpaper is just awful when you think about it.
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9 years ago#6
They really are. Usually Nintendo puts out a few different ones with the official artwork and nice graphics, but due to Mother 3's lack of artwork, I guess this is the best they could do. Enlarges sprites are...meh.
9 years ago#7
No I think Yumphod meant that first one was "awful" for another reason.

I could honestly listen to "With Magypsy" from Mother 3i all day.
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9 years ago#8
You are my new best friend.

can't wait to see them anime things...
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9 years ago#9
I also love "With Magypsy". It makes me feel divine. Sorry for the delay, everybody. Both anime things will be up by tonight. Be sure to check back!
9 years ago#10
Actually I did it now, as I had more time than I thought.

Both are here. You may need DivX to play them. Anyway, one is a spoof of a show called "Cromartie High", and from what I understand, the other is an original creation, but features the music from another anime. I'm not entirely sure. But both contain Lucas, Magypsies, and Flint, and other wondeful things from Mother 3.
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