Duster's road to becoming a thief.

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8 years ago#1
After replaying Mother 3, it reminded me on how much I missed you guys(and posting random topics!)

Okay, so Duster is ''considered'' a thief, but never actually learns the ''steal'' command so...

???: My son, you will become the ultimate thief, good enough to rival... ''Jeff Andounuts''
Train him Wes.

Duster is a baby.

Wes: Maggy (Wes' wife) Why? I don't even like the kid!

Maggy: My death is coming, so please, train him. Make him become the best thief around.


Lucas: So um, Duster we need to talk.

Duster: Im all ears.

Lucas: Okay... It's hard for me to say this but... You aren't pulling enough weight. I mean, Boney sucks, but he's my dog you know. I have half a mind to hack Flint in...

Duster: But Flint...

Lucas: Is like the best non-psi user ever. Amirite?

Duster: But my thief skills!

Lucas: Im getting there. Duster, you don't steal ANYTHING! Your like... some dude with stuff. I mean, I can use the stuff right.

Duster: What about Kumatora.

Lucas: Duster, Duster, Duster. She has
1. Psi
2. Female Gender
4.Female Gender
and 6.

Duster: Let me guess, female gender.

Lucas: No! Ughh, who am I kidding yes! Sorry Duster, you gotta leave.

Duster: Have you no compassion!

Kuma: Him! Compassion! He hacked Claus to be a playable character, and allowed him to join our group. He ditched him after the second battle.

Duster: Why?

Lucas: Noob. No equips, and no psi.

Duster: You and your psi! I will prove to everyone that Psi is NOT NEEDED!

Lucas: Flint already did that.

Duster marcheds off.

Lucas: Hey Kuma, you think I can hack it so Hinawa can join my group?
8 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
8 years ago#3
IM still a Dusterfanboy though.
8 years ago#4
Duster was a pointless character whose only merit came in the form of his wall staples, which were cheap, gimmicky plot conveniences.


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KomodoTheNinja/GGFan has posted here
8 years ago#5
Sony! I missed you! Where have you been? ^_^
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8 years ago#6
Good. School is annoying, but I missed you guys too.
8 years ago#7
I can only come and update here on weekends though. School is getting rough.

Duster: I'll show them, lousy thief my...

Wes: Hey useless, come over here.

Duster: (Not him, anyone but him!)

Wes: Duster, we need to talk, it's about your mother...


Pork soldier: Dude, did you see that!

Pork soldier 2: What?

Pork Soldier: One guy, some dude name Flint beat the whole game ON HIS OWN!

Pork Soldier: Pig ****.

Pork Soldier 2: Not PS, seriously, watch the vid.
8 years ago#8

No longer meaning "Postscript." I love these topics :)
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8 years ago#9
Pork Soldier: One guy, some dude name Flint beat the whole game at the lowest level possible ON HIS OWN!

STILL refuses to stay down
KomodoTheNinja/GGFan has posted here
8 years ago#10
Aha! Sick.

Duster: Okay, so your telling me my destiny was to actually become a thief?

Wes: Yes, your mother was master thief, she had was a descendant on a Jeff Andonuts, capable of stealing items from an opponent by spying on them.

Duster: So, im a descendant of Jeff!

Wes: Yes.

Duster: Is it time? Time to become a thief! Teach me!

Wes: Only your Mother could teach you on how to become a thief. I just beat you alot, and basically crippled your leg. Do you think I actually trained you! Ha! I took instructions from your Mother, and basically added my own ''twist'' towards them.


Wes: Your Mother is dead, so your essentially screwed. You'd have a better chance of learning ''psi'' than learning a the ''steal command'' See ya later cripple leg.

Duster: Darn. maybe he's right maybe it is hopeless.


Lucas: I DID IT! I Hacked Hinawa, now she's in our team.

Kuma: Sweet, what can she do?

Lucas: Um, basically she has... Err, the bash command.

Kuma: Good.

Lucas: The Motherly command, where she can... Heal your opponents???

Kuma: What?

Lucas: Ground command, where she can paralyze me... and the ''Flint, play with your son Lucas more''command.

Kuma: So... We get rid of her.

Lucas: Bingo.
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