is this like wow

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9 years ago#1
do you have to have this game to play nightfall and the other not sure if they are expansions like burning crusade is for wow.
9 years ago#2
no, prophecies (the original guild wars), nightfall, and factions are all stand-alone games, which can be linked on one account, but you can play any of them w/o the original.

The game itself is also fairly different from WOW, as the max lvl is 20, and the combat is more in-depth than WOW
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9 years ago#3
Also Eye of the North is the only expansion(like TBC) and requires you to have one of the standalones first.
9 years ago#4
is there a specific one you would recommend because im trying to find a new game to play while my xbox360 is getting repaired.
9 years ago#5
prophecies since the other ones seem a little dead and it has a better learning curve.
9 years ago#6
Lot more stuff to do, too. Not to mention not having to pay for skills. [Well, as often.]
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9 years ago#7
Prophecies and Nightfall are widely regarded as the most new-player friendly.
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