Two weeks of Favor remaining.

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9 years ago#1
Not changing this line until Pluto is re-planeted. Started 8/24/06
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9 years ago#2
For some Reason the favor got wiped clean; last I saw it was back down around 1 week.
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9 years ago#3
Unlimited UW run for 1 week is not bad either. I am easily satisfied.
9 years ago#4
I havent logged in for a few days. What is the favor you speak of?
9 years ago#5
They'll probably reset the favor again sometime soon. I was on a few hours ago, and it was still hell to even be in a town for a few minutes due to all the ridiculous title announcements.
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9 years ago#6
A 32 bit signed integer can store a number up to 2^31-1, if you add one to that number it "overflows" and creates a negative number.

It turns out that if you count it in miliseconds (as Anet has once said they store how much time there is remaining in Favor) that happens to come out to 35791 minutes which is *exactly* where it reset to zero.

It was a bug, they didn't do upper bounds checking on the value and allowed it to over flow to -0. If we hit it again tonight before hand it will overflow into -0 again (and it actually *is* -0. If the the leftmost digit is a one it denotes a negative number, it will over flow to 1 followed by 31 zeroes).

Gaile said she forwarded the bug to the appropriate people but it will not be handled until Monday. No word if they well just leave it or credit us with the accumulated favor (simply changing it to unsigned 32 bit integer will allow 71584 minutes - if stored on the server it may not even need a game update - I don't know how they work things like that).
9 years ago#7
Math makes my head hurt. I'm just gonna stick with the "Anet Hates Us" conspiracy theory.jk
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9 years ago#8
Asian Nvasion | Posted 1/21/2008 2:57:31 AM | message detail
I havent logged in for a few days. What is the favor you speak of?
9 years ago#9
Well, strcpy, due to how bianry rollover works (and it's one of the few things I known about how computers think; I'm no programmer), it doesn't roll over to -0; it rolls over to -(2^31).

Basically: (2^31-1) + 1 = -(2^31).

I am uncertain, though, how Arenanet would handle the negatives. If it's a signed value, they should be capable OF handling them, but does the favor system allow it?

Meh. Like I said, I know practically nothing of programming beyond what I can practically experience of it - like binary rollover. Wiser minds than mine are needed to figure how they handle the negatives.
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9 years ago#10
0111 + 1 = 1000

You are talking about a different kind of overflow.
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