whats a good ele or mesmer farming build?

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9 years ago#1
i hear they are the fastest farmers of trolls but i wonder how they do it. can somebody tell me or link me to guide please? thank you!!
9 years ago#2
Troll farming is a waste of time. Ele can farm a lot of different things, either solo or in groups. Most common is probably the E/A boss farming build, or a variation on it. Mesmer usually goes 55 from what I have seen. Farm something that gives good drops, not Trolls.

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9 years ago#3
where do you suggest the best place to solo farm is?

also, i got an ele build but it uses mist form and a bunch of aoe fire spells. dont monsters flee from aoe now? how effective is a build like that?
9 years ago#4
The good farming builds are secrets. Either discover the secret yourself, or stay poor.
9 years ago#5
"The good farming builds are secrets. Either discover the secret yourself, or stay poor"

i think you mean good farming spots right? anyways im just wondering what builds they use for eles and mesmer to farm/power lvl outside droks. i asked in game and one guy sent me his build which had arcane echo + mist form followed by many aoe fire spells. i asked if this is effective because they nerfed aoe loong ago iirc.
9 years ago#6
9 years ago#7
AOE scatter is more prevalent in Hard Mode now than it is in Normal. Enemies still scatter, but they do so more slowly. This is usually a problem when AOE scatters lead aggro off of the tank....but if you are soloing, they will be right back to you.

More or less, the original "nerfed aoe scatter AI" is what you get in Hard Mode....Normal is a neutered version.

....and farming trolls - post loot scale - is a waste of time.
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9 years ago#8
If it was PbAoe fire spells like Flame Burst, Inferno, Flame Djinn's Haster, etc., then you shouldn't really have a problem with the AoE aspect. The AI is programmed to flee if they're taking too much AoE damage per second. If you're just using PBAoe skills, it shouldn't be too much of a problem, because you're only hitting them once every 2 seconds or so.

That said, Sliver Armor/Shadow Form is a common Elementalist farming technique. If you don't have Factions, though, you're kind of out of luck as far as that goes...

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