Superior Vigor runes need a price drop.

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User Info: JTsyo

9 years ago#11
^lol OCB much?

User Info: MetallicACDC

9 years ago#12
+41, +50, who cares, I only have 1 sup vigor on a character, and it's my survivor character, and the sup vigor was from a drop. So, as long as I'm not going for survivor, major vigor is fine for me.
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User Info: rokklobstir

9 years ago#13
id rather have the 10k than the 9 health. but that may be just me.

User Info: DarkThespian

9 years ago#14
yea, it's kind of OCDish.

And frankly, I have everything I'll every need in this game; I'd rather have extra hp then obsid armor, say. I have 160k just sitting storage...might as well use it on something tangible
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  3. Superior Vigor runes need a price drop.

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