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9 years ago#1
Hi, I haven't played GW for about 2 years. I basically stopped playing when they nerfed my farming zone and drops. I was just wondering if the drops are still nerfed when you solo farm. Like killing 7 enemies will only yield 1-2 drops. If it is like this will it be offsetted with a partner? Thanks in advance.
9 years ago#2
Also a quick question about pet dedication. How does the pet get dedicated, by just summoning them? Does that mean I can only use the summoned pet for that one character or any in my account?
9 years ago#3
Loot scaling is still in place, but it isn't 1-2 per 8. It is more like 4-5 per 8....and scaling does not apply to rares/rare mats/etc.

A mini-pet is dedicated by displaying it in the Hall of Monuments in EOTN. This means that noone else can display said pet in the HoM.....but they can pull it out in outposts/explorables just like any other minipet.
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9 years ago#4
Great thanks a bunch. I guess i'll be buying factions then and handing my lich pet to it :)
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