Possible to recover really old account?

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7 years ago#1
I used to play this back when it first came out, and quit after a few months after pretty much everything there was to do was done.
I'm thinking of getting back into it, mostly to see what has changed.
Is it possible my account will still exist or do they delete inactive accounts after a while?
Also what will I need, is there still a client you can just download that installs everything you need?
Oh and what details will I need for my account. I'm not sure of the email, password or even character names I had :/
7 years ago#2
Your account is still there. Inactive accounts aren't deleted.

You can download the game from the website:

To recover your username, see this page:

After that, to change the password, if you have an NCsoft master account, you can log into it and just assign a new GW password. You don't need to remember your old one. Or you can open the game and click on Reset Password below the sign-in. A new one will be sent to the e-mail address that is associated with your account. By default, that'll be the e-mail address making up your user name.

As for recovering a character name (since you need to know one of them to sign in), you might want to mention that to support when filling out the form for getting your account name back. I'm not sure what information they want for that, but it's probably the same as the information for recovering your user name.
7 years ago#3
They just added a new security measure where you need to know a character name from your account. If you've forgotten that, you'll need to contact their support people.
7 years ago#4
Cheers guys. I'll try that out in a bit :)
7 years ago#5

Just so you know the support people are not the best about getting back to you.

7 years ago#6
They're normally really quick to get back to people, but there are times when they get a huge queue (like they've had lately.) During those times, it takes a while.
7 years ago#7

They should have anticipated that they would be screwing over a lot of people who were forced to randomly pick a name due to the volume of names already in circulation.

7 years ago#8
I'm sure they did. Account security was something that needed attention, though, so it's still a welcome change. No matter what change they made, someone would be just as annoyed by it as you are, chaos. But something needed to be done, and it's easier to remember your own character's name than it is another password or pin number or whatever.

And the whole point of having to make a name two words long was to make it easier to create a name that wasn't already taken. I've never at any point had issues with names already being taken.

Most people take screenshots at some point, so with a few exceptions, most players should have access to a picture showing at least one character's name.
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