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Shortcut to Eternal Hero of Tyria

#1Brasilero_FuryPosted 8/22/2012 5:13:44 AM
So I never had bought prophecies when I played this game years ago.

Now that I'm trying for HoM points like everyone on this forum, I'm wondering if using my Factions Main-> Taking the boat to Prophecies and finishing the campaign from there (since it starts you a couple missions in) counts as "finishing" the Prophecies campaign.

Anyone know?
#2LizardneckPosted 8/22/2012 5:23:48 AM
Yeah, you just have to beat it. Doesn't matter where your character's from. Don't even have to do all the remaining missions. If you want protector or guardian of Tyria, though, you'll have to backtrack to the earlier missions.
#3Brasilero_Fury(Topic Creator)Posted 8/22/2012 5:32:35 AM
Nah I just need the regular title to get my full display.

Thanks so much! (huehuehue time to rush with my decked Rt)
#4LizardneckPosted 8/22/2012 9:47:36 AM
You're welcome. ^_^ Btw, if you don't care about the story, the only missions you technically have to do are the final four: Thunderhead Keep and the three Ring of Fire missions. All others can be skipped, though I wouldn't recommend it. It's easier to do Sanctum Cay, the desert missions, Iron Mines, and the ones after it.