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4 years ago#1
Spooky decorations, Halloween treats, creepy new quests, and the Mad King's malevolent games—all this and more await you during the Halloween Festival! Here's a schedule of events:

Two new Lunatic Court quests will be available once the Countess of Hakewood and the Emissary of King Thorn arrive at the celebration.

Probably just the quests for the Halloween hat tokens and probably aren't too involved, but here's to hoping they haven't completely abandoned this game's festivals. ^_^
4 years ago#2
I think we can assume we'll be getting pretty minor support compared to GW2, but I smile a little more every time the Halloween decorations come out-- I'm easy to please that way.
4 years ago#3
It can't be the quests for the tokens, because THOSE were in since Saturday, and the standard quest NPCs only just arrived today.

Mind you, I haven't gotten to their quests yet, so I can't tell you what the new quests ARE.
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