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Thinking of trying this before GW2 releases. (Archived)Hi_Jynx37/26/2012
New player, would like to find others or a guild to get HoM points (Archived)WonTontheFat17/23/2012
LF 30/50 HoM Help (Archived)Phemy27/22/2012
Tonics for sale (Archived)lazerus98717/21/2012
Any of the oldbies still here? Loki, Shadow, Duke...? (Archived)
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Saga is recruiting people for our GW2 charter! Adult-only/PvP-focused. (Archived)enigmatic_gamer27/21/2012
Is nightfall still active? (Archived)hoog32127/17/2012
Looking for a Kurzick Guild (Archived)SpecOps_Stryker17/17/2012
Ministerial Commendations Wanted (Archived)Mister Money17/16/2012
Unded pets to give away (Archived)rest2137/14/2012
It's Official: August 28th, 2012 (Archived)
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Duke Darkwood137/14/2012
Looking for a second opinion on my HoM points. (Archived)Japanties37/14/2012
Best way to earn gold? T_T (Archived)SpecOps_Stryker67/10/2012
Suggestion needed for getting 30/50, Just need 7 more points... (Archived)SoulCaster87/10/2012
So sad that Nightfall would not have any GW Beyond content. (Archived)
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Question about Game of the year versions (Archived)Skitlarz8127/9/2012
I have the CD versions, just bought EOTN from steam - Incredibly stupid? (Archived)SpazH3d37/6/2012
What's the easiest way to get 10 Hall of Monument awards? (Archived)Superrpgman67/6/2012
Are groups difficult to come by? (Archived)dkamel47/3/2012
How to get HoM (Archived)
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