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User Info: guffguy89

6 years ago#1
If anyone wants to have the Han army re-involved in the game, here's how you do it.

Just pick any era where Li Jue is ruler. Usually, forces end up forming a coalition against him, but to avoid this just have one of your starting characters be Li Jue, and have him resign from his position. 99% of the time, Zhu Jun (one of the three Han commanders in the Yellow Turban Rebellion) will become the new ruler and no one will form a coalition against him.

In effect, you just revived the Han imperial army, and in my playthroughs they usually last quite a while.


If anyone else knows of a tactic like this that can change the scenery or the layout of the land for a change of pace, please post it here. It's always fun to try out different scenarios.
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User Info: soran66

6 years ago#2
i've never done that before, nifty trick i gotta say, will have to give it a go one day :]
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