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This Game Is My Favorite Sonic Game Of All TimeGumball3615/24 5:41AM
Let's go, guys, we've a goal we're pursuing! (Archived)Micpaws15/5 4:13PM
Does anyone still play Sonic Heroes? (Archived)Wiiboy4ever23/5 4:48AM
I've been replaying the entire series these days, and... (Archived)CrimsonMoonMist32/4/2014
Does the GC version not have the intro FMV? (Archived)chaomaster400039/20/2013
Known Chaotix Bugs? (Archived)Jiryn16/17/2013
Wanted to pay this board a visit. (Archived)Toologist36/15/2013
I find that this game's dialogue and script are more bearable when... (Archived)Thenumber1yoshi12/28/2013
Sonic tunes on guitar (Archived)zimbolambo12/14/2013
I don't know why so many people complained about the lack of level transitions (Archived)Thenumber1yoshi11/14/2013
Damn this game is terrible and full of glitches (Archived)SouljaWeezy312/5/2012
This or Shadow the Hedgehog. (Archived)TonymanX211/18/2012
How determined were you to get to the final boss? (Archived)djumbreon111/17/2012
Sonic Team is the worst game developer in history. Period. (Archived)
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Sonic Heroes save files (Archived)ringtailedfox19/6/2012
I think it's time to play a little game... (Archived)advancewarsnut58/14/2012
Who is "you know who"? (Archived)chequelots14/5/2012
Wow...(Metal Sonic *SPOILERS*) (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz13/31/2012
Really!!!!! Random Off Stage Launch. (Archived)ShootingHorror23/21/2012
Should have been called Sonic Adventure 3: Heroes or Sonic Adventure Trio (Archived)ChronoCactaur212/10/2011
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