Just dropping by (also regarding beast gods / antlan heroes)

#1Raistlin MajerePosted 1/5/2010 2:19:49 AM
hi guys... been a while since i've logged in, into this forum and in monster-rancher-metropolis (i've forgotten my login and password there)... I still owe infernus and lisa shock my research regarding some training guide in MF 4 / MR 4, I will try to post the details when i find my notes in my old pc. Been busy with real life specially now that i'm married...

Anyway read from an earlier post that some people are trying to get their hands on the beast gods and the antlan heroes .... well i can reproduce or make an ISO of the pandora disc from MF 4 (japanese version) since I have the original pre-ordered version if anyone is interested. And take note that the pandora disc also works for Monster Rancher 4, tested it when I ordered a 2nd hand MR4 US version from my friend in the US so if anyone is interested in the ISO i can make it and post the link or probably ask Lisa Shock to host it if it doesn't violate any copyrights... since the Pandora Disc doesn't have any readable or playable data in it.

More power to everyone enjoying the Monster Rancher / Monster Farm games... I like 4 a lot since it helps me practice on multi-tasking on monster training :P

#2Raistlin Majere(Topic Creator)Posted 1/5/2010 2:22:59 AM
not sure if i remember it right ... i think MF4/MR4 disc is also a pandora disc... just correct me if its the MF4/MR4 disc that produces the antlan discs :P

#3Starshine530Posted 1/9/2010 6:01:29 PM
Yes, the MR4 disc creates the Antlan heroes
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