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6 years ago#1
Well, I was fighting the last boss in the volcano, I wasnt expecting a win, since my strongest monster couldnt win very well against the random monsters, but I pushed my way threw to the boss, having lost 1 monster, but he was just a weak guy I brought along for the exp anyways.

So, the fight starts, my OPMochi throws a couple moves out, only took off about 200ish dmg before he got hit too hard and I had to swap in my Shin, he took a couple shots, but missed, then gets slaughtered in 1 hit lol. So here I am, with my OPMochi, down to maybe 100hp, which is a 1 shot for sure. The boss is out of guts, so I start throwing everything at him, taking him down to about 250 hp, at this time my guts are down to about 30, and he's about 70, so I figured I was done for.
So he throws out his first move, 70% chance to hit, I dodge, he does it again, I dodge, at this point I knocked him down to about 100ish hp left. So , with enough guts left to throw out a couple moves, I mash X as fast as I can, get 2 attacks off, he's down to about 20 hp!!!! , at which point he attacked..... and I !@#$EN DODGED AN 85% attack! and throw my last attack out to finish him off.

****** SPOILER!!!!!!!! ******

ye be warned.

Then, shocked, I watch on to see that he's not quite done for.... crud.... so the fights starts out again, and my OP gets smacked hard again, so I swap in Shin, who gets 1 shotted again without doing a crumb of dmg. So, again, it was up to my almost dead mochi..... so I start mashin X on his best move,take him down to about 100hp.... and then he did it... he hit me again and mochi died........ ONLY to come back with final guts!!!!!!! and u bet ur arse that I was breaking my X button to kill that sucka!, needless to say, in the end, victory was indeed mine =D!. Man that guy was tough, but jeez, it was a hell of a fight =D!.

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