Yes, people are still playing this (I am :)

#1ImOldSkoolPosted 12/15/2009 4:58:27 PM
It's been on the shelf a few years and it's like I'm a noob again.

Do you get anything extra for beating the courses on "Hard" as say opposed to "Medium"... other than just the extra money? Can you unlock things by doing it on hard instead? I thought I remembered certain points in the game where you have to race on Hard to get something valuable, but again it's been awhile I could be imagining things.

Oh, and I thought I remembered the RX7 being most peoples favorite cars in this game. This walkthrough I look at says the Skyline. Hmm... I remember liking the S2000 for some reason. Perhaps a little subjective "what is the best car?" debate goin' on here? They're always fun.

And with the autosave on I won't end up inadvertently screwing myself over will I? Like if I autosave after a race I HAD to beat it's curtains? From what I recall you can keep trying again until you're satisfied, right?

Thanks a bunch in advance.