holy. crap.

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3 years ago#1
I'm not much one for driving games. Tbh I'm not very good at driving games. Especially straight racing games; mount a turret on the roof of my car, and I'd own Eddie by tomorrow. But this is not only one of the best games I've ever played, it's one of the only ones where I can be stuck on a level, and I'm talking controller-through-the-wall frustrated level of stuck, ragequit, vow to sell it the next time I go into town, and a week later I find myself unable to take it in to sell it. Then another couple of months later I'm asking myself, "why haven't I played this lately"? And the cycle continues.
don't just hear it, feel it!
3 years ago#2
Now have a BEAUTIFUL skyline(if I do even say so myself) dark, dark grayish/blue pearlescent base paint, purple cyclone rims, dark blue window tint, blue pulsing neon, strike bumpers and side skirts, blue katana spoiler, g-force hood, dually roof scoops, eyelids headlights, reaper taillights, rumble muffler tips, and the Samantha custom vinyl with the lightning bolts. The real kicker is, that vinyl with that base paint makes it look like the lightning is glowing in the dark. It looks badass.
don't just hear it, feel it!
3 years ago#3
…and in keeping with my original post, I am now stuck on "skirt the issue" and "round and round we go". Any nfs vets have any advice? Please?
don't just hear it, feel it!

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