Tiger Woods 2004 Soundtrack

#1Mike1494Posted 7/17/2010 8:13:04 PM
Automatic Black- Crash and Burn
Stagga Lee- Gave Over
Just Blaze- Starting Lineup
Just Blaze- South Side
Just Blaze- Border Town
Just Blaze- Subtle
Just Blaze- Power Groove
Just Blaze- Deep Funk
Just Blaze- Spacewalk
Just Blaze- Big Time
Rooney- Blue Side
Zane- Bounce
Revolution Smile- Bonethrower
Roscoe- Nothing But Trouble
The Latin Froz- Tiger Tribute
DMX- Party Up
Dexter Freebish- Ghosts
Brand New- The Quiet Things...
Ostrich Head- Dedication

I think the devs like Just Blaze. Just guessing.
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