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4 years ago#1
Bad ones. Do your best, GF commanders. You have generic names to work with, but I believe in you! Apologies for brain cell loss in advance.

What kind of music do GF Commander lovers listen to?

Pop, honey~!

yes, the tilde was necessary. It makes the honey more loverly, lol
4 years ago#2
Oh, I got a good one.

Why is Sho so sad?

He's been insulted with, "sho mama!" comebacks too many times.
4 years ago#3
Who's Ron Paul's top agent?

Gold Hero.
History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.
4 years ago#4
What did the death borg say to the fireplace?

iota burn you.
4 years ago#5
Which Gotcha Borg became a secretary?

Plan-it Hero
4 years ago#6
What do you call a Jet Mecha that's near the ocean?

Seagull Robot
4 years ago#7
What do you say when you're on the Gotcha Boards?

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