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4 years ago#1
Here are your combatants, as nominated by GameFAQs and Gotcha Force Fan!

Round 1 Matchups:

Shadow girl vs. Barrier Girl

Beam Tank vs. Roach

Metal Hero vs. Cyber Ninja

Acceleration Ninja vs. Neo G Red

Sirius vs. Beam Gunner

Sonic Samurai vs. Chrono Samurai

G Black vs. Cyber Hero

Pop Honey vs. Eagle Robot

-One Poll battle will be held each day in a NEW THREAD each day (so I can utilize the poll feature).
-Each poll will be open for 36 hours (or more, depending on when I can lock it. I don't think gFaqs has a timer on their polls), and I will lock voting after that point.
-Only the votes from the actual poll will count. The final score will add up both the GameFAQs and Gotcha Force Fan polls together.
-I will abstain from voting, UNLESS there is a tie. Then, I will vote for who I would have voted for, and break any ties.
-Yes, I ran these through a randomizer. Some of the matchups are cringe worthy >_< but, we'll see how they do.

Use this thread for any hype building or whatever discussion you want about GF or the Tournament in general :D as I'll be locking the poll threads as they go by. May the best borg win!
4 years ago#2
R1M1: Barrier Girl vs. Shadow Girl

Results: Barrier Girl Wins, 7:4!

GFF: 5:3
GFaqs: 2:1

Total: 7:4

(I excluded one vote that was past the voting time, if you're wondering why things don't add up.)
4 years ago#3
R1:M2: Beam Tank vs. Roach

GFF 7:3
GFaqs: 3:0

Total 10:3, Beam Tank!
4 years ago#4
R1:M3: Metal Hero vs. Cyber Ninja

GFF- 6:5
GFaqs- 1:1

Total- 7:6 Metal Hero
4 years ago#5
R1M4: Accel. Ninja vs. Neo G Red

GFF- 7:5
GFaqs- 3:3

Total- 10:8 Acceleration Ninja
4 years ago#6
R1M5: Sirius vs. Beam Gunner

GFF- 8:5
GFaqs- 1:3

Total- 9:8 Sirius
4 years ago#7
R1M6: Sonic Sam vs. Chrono Sam
GFF- 6:7
GFaqs- 3:3

Total- 9:10 Chrono Samurai

R1M7: G Black vs. Cyber Hero
GFF- 5:7
GFaqs- 4:3

Total- 9:10 Cyber Hero

These matches are close :). Kinda wish I could vote lol.
4 years ago#8

I'm going to guess and say that Chrono Samurai will be winning this.
4 years ago#9
mm...I'm feeling he's going to have a hard time against the winner between Cyber Hero and Eagle Robot. They all look pretty strong right now o_o, actually.

I'm still suprised NGR and Cyber Ninja got knocked out in round 1, and G Black to an extent also...(well...I can see why, people love the two that beat them :D, but still). If Garuda was in this tournament and got knocked out...well...there goes any obvious winners lol.

R1:M8: Pop Honey vs. Eagle Robot
GFF- 3:8
GFaqs- 0:4

Total- 3:12 Eagle Robot
4 years ago#10
R2M1: Barrier Girl vs. Beam Tank
GFF- 5:5
GFaqs- 5:1

Total- 10:6 Barrier Girl
R2M2: Metal Hero vs. Acceleration Ninja
GFF- 6:6
GFaqs- 4:4

Tie Break to Metal

Total- 11:10 Metal Hero
R2M3: Sirius vs. Chrono Samurai
GFF- 6:6
GFaqs- 3:2

Total- 9:8 Sirius
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