Semi Finals: Match 1: Barrier Girl vs. Metal Hero

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3 years ago#1
Barrier Girl vs. Metal Hero - Results (8 votes)
Barrier Girl
50% (4 votes)
Metal Hero
50% (4 votes)
This poll is now closed.

The first semi-final match begins! In the blue corner, MegaBorg's ultimate defense, BARRIER GIRL! In the red corner, the planet's ultimate strength, METAL HERO!

WHO WILL WIN?! We will see.

A hero falls to the Eagle. Eagle Robot advances to the Semi-Final Rounds!
GFF- 4:5
GFaqs- 1:4

Total- 5:9 Eagle

On the bench: Sirius vs. Eagle Robot!

Semi-Finals: MATCH 1, BEGIN!
3 years ago#2
Barrier Girl is way cooler.
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3 years ago#3
^I beg to differ! She may be more useful, but Metal is waaaaaay cooler ;D

gff 6:3
gfaqs 2:0

total thus far, 8:3 Barrier Girl, 13 hours remain
3 years ago#4
It's not exactly easy, but Metal Hero can just completely shred Barrier Girl. Even the slightest scratch destroys her barrier. They're both cool borgs, but I like Metal Hero better. I just wish I could use him at all.
"If less is more, just think how much more more will be!" - Dr. Frasier Crane
3 years ago#5
Isn't Metal Hero the only character with an attack that can kill any other unit in one use, assuming he can land the death slash?
It's rare and unexpected, but strangely beautiful, like a unicorn using his horn to gore a priest.
3 years ago#6
^I dunno, but I think it DOES deal more than a nuke and UC blast, considering how Metal Hero can one shot things nukes and Ultimate Cannons can't. The other borgs I'd be skeptical about are Garuda and the Machine Borgs, because they move too much to hit them dead on. I'll check that later when I have time.

On another note...I tried fighting with Metal today without his armor, good stuff lol. His vanilla combos actually do TONS of damage, which was suprising as he's armorless. The animation looks BA as well. Also, with your armor on, air dash cancelling by pressing A is really helpful, as it lets you dash and use the spin attack. Gotta get used to using him again, he's too fun.
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