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4 years ago#1
And the winner of the first official Gotcha Borg Championship is....

Barrier Girl

GFF 7:7
Gfaqs 4:4

Total 11:11

by tie break! Completely hard choice to make, as Barrier Girl is probably my most played with borg EXP wise, and Eagle Robot has one of my most favorite borg designs in the game, but I haven't played with him enough to trump the playtime and reliability that Barrier Girl has had through the years.

It was tough, and I'm not 100% behind my choice, but relevance to my playtime wins out on this one.


Thanks for participating in my little tournament! It was fun, and I hope you enjoyed it :D

4 years ago#2
Girl power!
History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.
4 years ago#3
meeehhhh...kinda feeling like I shoulda broken the tie towards Eagle. Oh well.

Eagle power! (you guyz seen that gum commercial with the wigs and bald eagles? I like
4 years ago#4
Meh, Barrier Girl seems like a very bland borg to me. You can afford several Battle Girls for the cost of 1 Barrier Girl and Battle Girl does pretty much everything she does. Being able to take a hit or two is nice, but Barrier Girl's hitbox is bigger when she has the shield, so you get grazed more on the shield anyway. Putting the shield up also leaves her totally vulnerable, meaning it's a good time for the opponent to rip the shield down and send her flying.

She's kind of cool as far as design goes, but not so amazing. Show me a good Barrier Girl player and I'll show you a better Beam Gunner/Command Girl player. :) Beam Gunner is more expensive, but he's actually worth it.
"If less is more, just think how much more more will be!" - Dr. Frasier Crane
4 years ago#5
Barrier Girl being the perfect counter to Chrono Samurai will always make me laugh.
History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.
4 years ago#6
To Barrier Girl's credit, her shield is actually VERY useful despite being easily broken by higher tiered borgs. For example, she's resistant to a lot of status effects (Omicron, copy man, Roach Lady, Size debuffs, Slow Valkryie, Pop Honey, Chrono Sam, etc) that most borgs will be gimped by if they mis-step. Also, she doesn't get knocked over as easily, which is especially useful against splash damage against Garuda (because other borgs just LOVE to fall over when getting hit by splash, and she doesn't have to worry about that).

Most melee borgs (the ones that can be hitstunned easily) are no match for her, as she can knock them away before they take out her shield. But, she can't take on borgs like Metal Hero though, and she's useless against anything with beam spams or powerful shots/ranged melees (Atlas, Cyber Girls, Cyber Ninja, Flame Ninja, Eagle, etc.).

But yeah...looking back at it I wished I broke it towards Eagle, he just looks more like a champion lol.
4 years ago#7
I missed all this, but I can't disagree with the results. Glad you guys are keeping the place alive.
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