How do I get back teens that ran away?

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User Info: pumkinseeds

9 years ago#1
Please list any solutions you can remember. And I know about moving out and moving back in but I would like something that doesn't require re-furnishing the house. I tried waiting it out and my teen sim was gone for an entire week and I didn't get her back until I moved. Thank you for answering.
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User Info: mrclopes

9 years ago#2
how did u make your sims ran away? No matter how I fight, insult, harass them... it just won't leave.

User Info: jeff003

9 years ago#3
I was playing the Pleasent house and Angelia ran away and she hasn't come back yet.Donald called the police but he had to pay a fine for them coming out when there was no bugulery.I thought you was suppose to call the cops when your child run away in the game.Angelea had a big fight with her mother.

User Info: Died Again

Died Again
9 years ago#4
The runaway teen will come back when they are ready to age-up into an adult.

To get a teen to run away, they need to have a low relationship score with the parent(s).
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  3. How do I get back teens that ran away?

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